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    Welcome to the Internet home of Houston County. If you are new to the area, let us be one of the first to say Welcome to Houston County. We hope that you will find us and our communities friendly, warm and eager for you to join us in making Houston County your home too.

    Houston County (H-20), the first county established by the Republic of Texas,qv is east of Waco in the East Texas Timberlands region. It is bordered on the north by Anderson County, on the east by Cherokee, Angelina, and Trinity counties, on the south by Walker and Madison counties, and on the west by Leon County. Its center lies at 31°20' north latitude and 99°25' west longitude.

    Crockett is the county seat and largest town. In addition to U.S. Highway 287 the county's transportation needs are served by State highways 7, 19, and 21 and the Union Pacific Railroad. Houston County covers 1,234 square miles, with elevations ranging from 200 to 300 feet. The Neches River forms the northeastern boundary of the county, and the Trinity River is the western boundary. The terrain is gently rolling to hilly. Soils are generally light colored and loamy, with very deep reddish clayey subsoils. In the southwest and west the soils are sandy with clayey subsoils. The predominant vegetation is mixed pine and hardwood forests. Between 21 and 30 percent of the land in the county is considered prime farmland. The climate is subtropical and humid, with cool winters and hot summers.

     For certified copy of birth or death certificate, please contact the Houston County Clerk at (936) 544-3255, Ext. 240, P.O. Box 370 , Crockett, Texas 75835. Please submit proof of ID for your record or immediate family member's record.




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