Wagoner County Clerk Lori Hendricks and the staff of the Wagoner County Clerk's Office welcome you to our Land Records internet site. We hope that this site provides you with a convenient way to search our land records and print from your home or business location without having to travel in person to the Clerk's office.

Instructions for searching Land Records can be found on the “Search Instructions” tab located just above this message or by clicking the “Instructions” button from the list on the left side of the page. Please be sure to review them before you begin to make your research more effective. The Mission of the County Clerk's Office is to maximize customer service and accountability to the public by performing its statutory functions with accuracy, efficiency, and timeliness. Our Vision is to model excellence in leadership, innovation in technology, and pride in service. This service is provided to you as part of our Mission and Vision of service and innovation in technology.

You may search this site just like the program currently used in the County Clerk's office. Unofficial documents may be viewed and printed at no cost. If you need an official document, (certified copy) the fees are the same as if those documents were obtained in the Clerk's office. To print official documents from this site, you will need either a credit card, or an account with the County Clerk's office. Credit card transactions are secure and are handled through the website. Account transactions must be pre-paid and can be set up through the Clerk's office during business hours. To set up an account, call the County Clerk's office at 918-485-2216.

There is a Certification Date displayed at the bottom right of the window. Documents are certified up to this date. If you cannot find documents recently filed, it simply means they may not be indexed yet. This also means that if you find documents filed after the Certification Date, the information entered has not yet been verified.

If you experience technical difficulties with the site, please call EdocTec at 1-800-578-7746 for support.

We welcome any comments or suggestions you might have regarding this web site or our office.




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