With Edoc Technologies County Clerk’s Court System, you can effectively manage every aspect of your office.

edocSuite Software is ODBC Compliant. All applications are interlocking, non-proprietary, client/server, multi-user and real time solutions.



Assumed Names
Enables you to easily record, file and access assumed names, including multiple owners, also link releases.

Military Discharge
Enables you to easily record, file and access military discharge records.

Enables you to easily record, file and access livestock brands, ability to scan actual drawing
with image enablement.

Commitment/Mental Illness
Provides an effective method for tracking, type, ward, doctor, and relatives. Provides for sealed security.

License indexing and printing, application is printed with a farmable license

Tracks birth index information and can scan a copy of birth certificate

Tracks deceased, lineage, all death and burial information.

Checkbook Accounting
Allows tracking of multiple accounts, balances, and transactions. Interacts with Fee Collections.

County Civil Docket
Manages all aspects of civil cases, providing for unlimited plaintiffs, defendants, other parties and events, and summarizes primary aspects of a case on a main screen for easy review and update.

Fee Accounting and Collection
Enables clerks to collect and manage fees from multiple dockets, as well as non-court related fees. It provides a single set of "books" and receipts for all fees and fines you collect, and pro-rates and distributes those collections as you stipulate. You can even analyze compiled data from multiple dockets and sources simultaneously and print an array of local and state requested financial reports.

Guardianship Docket
Provides an effective method for tracking type of guardianship, ward, guardian, dates, officer, notes, and court fees.

Commissioner Court
Records and indexes all information concerning meetings of commissioners or judges. Features complete indexing of minutes and offers keyword searching.

Criminal Docket
A complete method to document and manage state versus defendant cases. Tracks dates, involved parties, status, and enables clerks to assign, distribute, and pro-rate multiple user-defined fees.

Document and Instrument Indexing
Enables you to easily record, file and access land records such as warranty deeds, deeds of trust, and liens. And when used with our Document Imaging System, you can log and reference instruments even more efficiently.

Juvenile Docket
Tracks parties, type of infractions, dates, case status, plea, Judge's notes, and fees. And due to the sensitive nature of juvenile cases, program access is security protected.

Provides your court with the most efficient, state-of-the-art method for recording, indexing, and accessing court documents and legal instruments. Information and images are digitally scanned into the system, which can then be merged, retrieved, and printed per your needs.


Key Features:

  • Attach low cost scanners to any PC in your network.

  • Stand-alone or net workable; multiple clerks can access the document, or you can network with other court offices to provide countywide warrant information to law enforcement officials.

  • Click to "scan" any document from your case screen images are automatically attached to that event/case/date.

  • Retrieve a case by name, case #, status, dates, type, officer, and offense.

  • View or print any images attached to a case/event with a click — no more trips to the file cabinet.

  • Record and maintain all case updates and financial data required to track status, payments, and balances.

  • Optional cash drawer & receipt printer interface via Fee Collections & Accounting.

  • Automatic merge/generation of letters, notices, warrants, and forms.

  • Create codes to simplify input of data.

  • Automatic associated cause entry eliminates entering redundant information.

  • Search for cause, knowing one piece of the case information.

  • Print any scanned document.

  • Windows X-Change has harnessed Windows + Imaging to greatly simplify entering, reporting and retrieving all of your case information, plus scanning and archiving all related document images.

  • Internet Public Viewing

  • Internet Payment

  • Internet e-filing of documents

  • Bar Code

  • Automatic Indexing