Our Law Enforcement applications maintain data for arrest/booking, inmate tracking, reporting offenses and incidents as well as recording actual arrest information. This software also links all arrests of an inmate and allows you to search by legal name and all known aliases. Status information including bank balances, visitors, and health information can also be maintained by this software. In addition, the software enables interoffice data sharing, digital imaging, searching with multiple criteria and the importing and printing of color mug shots.





  • Security System (Computer, Groups and Users security, Ability to limit the Annotation Editing and Viewing)
  • Audit Trail For User Actions
  • Digital Imaging/Scanning simplifies and expedites Document Storage and Processing
  • Built-in UCR reports to make reporting to the State and Feds as easy as point and click
    Utilizes NCIC codes to comply with all State and Federal Laws
  • Compliant with electronic CJIS transfer to DPS (including fingerprints)
  • Detail Search and Quick Search
  • Internet Access for searching Current Inmates and Vines FTP enabled
  • Export data to CD/DVD
  • Public View For Current Inmates
  • Powerful Reports Engine and ability to generate PDF reports
    Imaging Tools (Redact, Annotation, Sticky Notes, Voice, Drawing and Stamps)
    Video recording for DWI and Magistration
  • Powerful Backup/Restore utilities
  • Mug Shots and Line Up
  • Finger Prints verification for Inmate Release/User Login
  • Lookup tables and Quick Keys/Shortcuts to access the system
  • Shared Database for Law Enforcement and Court Case Management
  • Exercise Time, Jail Events, Mail and Commissary
  • Multi Document Interface-Ability To Open Many Documents and Forms concurrently w/o exiting current Window
  • Printing Labels
  • Bar Codes
  • CAD
  • Interface with ID badge System