With edocSuite Municipal Court System, you can effectively manage your criminal cases and fee collections.
The Criminal Case Docket database contains all the defendant, offense, plea, hearing, and disposition information needed to track all events and involved parties.
The print function allows for the production of formal complaints, courtesy letters, warrants, hearing schedules, docket sheets, disposition reports, and receipts for fines and bonds plus any other state mandated reports plus the viewing of any system generated or user generated report before printing.

Fee Accounting and Collection enables the user to collect and manage fees from multiple dockets as well as non-case related fees. The System maintains a single set of books and receipts for all fees and fines you collect and allows for the assignment, distribution and prorating of multiple user-defined fees. You can produce reports of all financial data, 30-60-90-day balances and arrearages.

Additional features include the following:

  • Search for records by filing in a simple request based on multiple criteria,
  • Find records quickly through the use of a pop-up alphabetical list,
  • Print a variety of financial and monthly reports,
  • Utilize a document-imaging function that allows you to scan and save documents for inquests, administrative hearings, and cases.
  • Omni interface
  • DPS notice of final conviction interface.

Key Features:

  • Attach low cost scanners to any PC in your network.
  • Stand-alone or net workable; multiple clerks can access the document.
  • Click to "scan" any document from your case screen images are automatically attached to that event/case/date.
  • Retrieve a case by name, case #, status, dates, type, officer, ticket, and offense.
  • View or print any images attached to a case/event with a click no more trips to the file cabinet.
  • Ticket tracking, FTA transmission, and Cashiering.
  • Record and maintain all case updates and financial data required to track status, payments, and balances.
  • Automatic merge/generation of letters, notices, warrants, and forms.
  • Create codes to simplify input of data.
  • Automatic associated cause entry eliminates entering redundant information.
  • Search for cause, knowing one piece of the case information.
  • Print any scanned document.
  • Optional internet & in office credit card payment.
  • Optional document imaging.
  • Optional handheld ticket devices.

Example of Reports:

  • Monthly OCA
  • Unlimited user-defined letters and reports
  • Warrants, Capiases
  • Payment, Refund & Deposit registers
  • Detailed Case Ledger
  • Delinquent Payment Report
  • Balance due & Trial date notices
  • Bill of Costs
  • List of Orders
  • Mailing Labels
  • Monthly Fees Report