The Prosecutor Case Management System addresses the prosecution of felony and misdemeanor cases and supports multiple defendants per case, multiple counts per defendant and disposition or sentence by count. It tracks charge/count status through case initiation, prosecutorial and court phases of the proceedings. The system has the ability to generate judgment and sentencing paperwork to permit real-time printing in the courtroom, automatically produce warrants, capiases, writ, precept, and notices by merging data from the system. Comprehensive case summaries and docket sheets can be generated at any time.

The Prosecutor Case Management System includes the readiness for E-filing (electronic filing of court cases), imaging of court documents, Internet pay capability, public access through the Internet to cases and documents that are not restricted by law, and the ability to search for data from any and all types of cases and names.


  • Centralization of case initiation, case maintenance, court calendars and trial settings.

  • Automatic generation of docket entries, case related documents and events.

  • Automatic case aging, tracking of time standards, creation of late notices, warrants and suspensions, which expedites  collection and reporting processes.

  • Provision of case summary screens which give "at-a-glance" information to jurists, clerical staff and other interest parties. This can be linked to a public terminal for those case types that do not have confidentiality standards.

  • A Global Name File captures information about users and party types frequently associated with cases.

  • Maintain a chronological record of all activity linked to the case such as arrest affidavits, motions, warrants issued, orders, or other documents as filed.

  • Provide access to blank forms such as subpoenas, orders, warrants, capiases, and notices and maintain a record of all documents generated for a specific criminal case.

  • Judge assignment tables and judicial clerk notes.

  • True integrated imaging interface.